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    Easily drink water directly from the jar

    Now you drink water directly from your jar by using this automatic water dispenser pump. Just press the pump from the top and water will be coming out effortlessly.

    It is easy to use and can be easily shifted from one bottle to another in just a few seconds.

    It makes life soo much easier because now you don't need to worry about lifting heavy water jars to transfer the water from them to your own bottles.

    It also helps in saving water as a lot of water is normally wasted in just transferring from those 20 litres big jars to small bottles.

    Why everyone should have it: 

    • Durable and good quality plastic used
    • No electricity is used, so a money saver equipment
    • Long-life, and it takes just a few seconds to install the Hand Pump
    • Fits Most Standard Bottle size, 20 Litre bottles
    • No water leakage design
    • Easily Portable
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